Software testing and continuous integration

Software testing and continuous integration

"Introduction to testing practices for software development and in particular continuous integration, with a guided hands-on example."


The estimated time to complete this training module is 2h.

The prerequisites to take this module are:

Contact François Paugam if you have questions on this module, or if you want to check that you completed successfully all the exercises.


This module was presented by Greg Kiar during the QLSC 612 course in 2020, the slides are available here.

The video of the presentation is available below:


  • While watching the hands-on part of the video, reproduce what Greg is doing on a fork of his repo.
  • Follow up with François Paugam to validate you completed the exercise correctly.
  • 🎉 🎉 🎉 you completed this training module! 🎉 🎉 🎉

More resources

The pytest library is the go-to way to implement unit tests in python. If you intend to do unit testing in python, you should get familiar with this tool; either through the pytest documentation, with a tutorial such as this one or watching this PyConDE keynote.

Illustration by Nikita Golubev.